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Hi! I'm Lucy, a multimedia creative specializing in brand social marketing, influencer marketing, film production, screenwriting, and producing. With a passion for bringing ideas to life, I have worked with numerous brands and clients to create compelling content that resonates with audiences. Currently based in New York, I am looking for new and exciting projects to collaborate on.

My Work


Brand Social Marketing - HBO Max

At HBO Max, I worked on developing and executing a hosted-content strategy that would increase brand awareness and engagement across various platforms. This involved collaborating with influencers, creating original content that was authen, and analyzing performance metrics to ensure that the campaign was delivering measurable results.

Website Design - Goose Yarns

As the head creative for Goose Yarns' website design, I developed a new look and feel that would better reflect their brand and values. This involved organizing and producing a photoshoot for Goose Yarns apparel, editing raw photo files and conducting research to ensure that the final website design was both visually appealing and connecting to the target audience. 

Brand Social Marketing  - Goose Yarns

For Goose Yarns, I have been responsible for all social content. I produce all photo and video content, plan and organize with content calendars, and analyze data and analytics to adjust strategy.

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Website Design - myMD + Kaskel Telemedicine

For these two projects, I designed two websites for medical services. To create these sites I worked to combine the clients desire for an aesthetic and clean look with functionality and clarity to appeal to an older demographic. 

Brand Design - Above Summit Films

For Above Summit, I was responsible for creating a new brand identity. This included a logo I designed with Adobe Illustrator, a style guide booklet created with Adobe InDesign and merchandise mockups created with Adobe Photoshop. The style guide contained rules for use of colors, logos, fonts and other assets. 


Film Production - Short Film: DOLL

As the writer, producer, director and editor of the film DOLL, I oversaw all aspects of the filmmaking process, from pre-production through to post-production. This involved turning an idea into a screenplay, managing budgets, finding cast and crew, coordinating locations, using Adobe Premiere Pro, and ensuring that the final product met the vision and objectives of the project.

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